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Stem Cell Success Stories

Stem Cell Success Stories

MM's Success Story
"I started using stem cell nutrition, and found a number of changes. I am 66 and the body was getting old and creaky. Since I started, however, I noticed that my hair is now getting darker again. It had turned white with age of course (I always called it silver... but it was white), but now shows increasing dark streaks. I could see that it was returning to its original color. My body began to feel more like it did some years ago. I need less sleep and stay awake and alert all day now.

I still work (God forbid I should ever retire) and just seem to have more energy than most of the younger people around me now. What might interest many is that I am losing weight. My family used to call me, 'the fat man'. Here comes 'the fat man' they would shout as I walked through the door. Can't do that now. I have really slimmed down. I am sure there are many other good things to come. This is an experience I am enjoying immensely."

GK's Success Story
"Some time ago, PaulM, one of my New Zealand customers, attempted to educate me on the benefits of using ADULT stem cell nutrition. And because it all sounded too good to be true, I decided to avoid him! However, he chased me for 7 months, so I ultimately decided to try it, at least to get him off my back... and what a shock, the product actually worked!

I had 14 health improvements within the first 2 months. The major improvements were;

The high levels of sugar in my blood normalised for the first time in 6 years (and stayed normal ever since)!
I have now lost 69+ lbs without dieting, effort or exercise! (Update! I went from XXL to M size, and STILL losing weight slowly)
Major energy boost
Eyesight improved
My coffee addiction of 40+ years has gone away (very sad!)
My libido increased ~700% & no more 'manly' dysfunction! (very good!)

My 62 year old wife had profound results. She lost a number of dress sizes, a shoe size (of all things!), and her stomach flattened. She got her hourglass shape back, and no more short term memory loss. Her mental capacity has also seriously increased (her 4000 piece jigsaw puzzles are taking half the time to complete) Her energy is way up. She is a whole lot easier to live with, and she appears happier, much calmer and friendlier (and FUN) most of the time... in short, I got my young wife back! (It has cost a small fortune for her new clothes & new shoes! She bought 18 new clothing items last month) OH, and her hair is slowly darkening. Friends and family who we haven't seen us in a while get a shock when they see us, as we improve every time they see us!

Also our kids and grand-kids got phenomenally good results, just too numerous to list here (but call me, I'll tell you all about it!)

As permanent travelers, it was always an issue to us with regards to getting access to adequate health care in the all the countries we travel through. And since we started taking stem cell nutrition, our health has improved phenomenally, which means little or no more reliance on the medical industrial complex. We now consider stem cell nutrition to BE our sickness insurance, where ever we are situated in the world. And the cost of the product is substantially less than the amount we used to pay for sickness insurance plus the cost of all the supplements we used monthly (now not needed!) So, it actually saves us a bunch of money every month."

BC's Success Story
"I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. My hands, feet, right knee and lower back have arthritis in varying degrees. I have found it very difficulty to walk without pain. I have used natural remedies for the pain. I did not want to use other medications because of their side effects. Fibromyalgia gives severe pain in the muscles.

In February 2011 I hurt my back which resulted in significant muscle loss. I have spent a year going to physiotherapists, osteopaths and acupuncture to get relief. They certainly helped me and I don't know what I would have done without their help. I had to have my bowel removed in November 2010 and after the operation I had a very difficult year. My body had to get used to being without a bowel. I had an extremely limited diet because of the negative effect some foods had on my system. In addition I had to consciously choose to stay positive. Little energy and no physical reserves at all were causing me to become depressed.

On the 12th January 2012 I started taking SE2. Stem Cell Nutrition. I began by taking 1 capsule a day of Stem Enhance (SE2). I was afraid that it might adversely affect me like so many things did. On the second day there were no adverse affects so I took one that night as well. On the third day I took 2 capsules in the morning. I had woken up feeling positive and energetic and decided to take the dog for a short walk. For me the results of taking SE2 are astounding. It is making more than a difference to my life.

The range of food I can eat has increased without negative effects. The pain of arthritis has virtually gone and the fibromyalgia pain is improving. I am back walking twice a day and having to pace myself. I have more energy now and I feel like running! What a joy to walk with no pain in my feet and knee. I need to be sure I do not overdo the exercise routine because I had done no exercise for 14 months. I will stay on SE2 because of the huge change that I can see is taking place in me. I am more positive about life and now look forward to the future with energy and excitement.

More detailed information including the ingredients and results of tests is available at Stem Cell Information

SE2 is completely organic, natural and comes in capsule form. Read my and other success stories about how we have benefited from SE2.

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How to do the business world wide!

Everybody can be a customer, but not everybody wants to have a business income. However, for those that do, read on...

As the products are available in 23 countries, you can refer all your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues in those countries (they WILL thank you!) As advised by my mentor, I do the following, and heartily recommend you do the same:

Use the products
Get a health testimonial
Read other peoples testimonials
Share the testimonials with everyone you meet
Refer everyone to your website (which comes with the FastStart Pack)

Stem cell nutrition is what we promote and sell, and millions are discovering stem cell nutrition to be majorly beneficial to their health! (Try it to see what it does for YOU!) For those wanting to get involved in the business, order your FastStart or Director Pack here or if you need more convincing, email me, or talk to me via phone or Skype (skype handle: authorservices)! I have 100's of health and income success stories to share with you. Be warned, I'm passionate about this product and its automatic and continuous wealth increase reality (due to the fact that 90% of customers re-order the products monthly). Be aware TANSTAAFL* and that some work is required.

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*Definiton: TANSTAAFL = "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" (alternatively, "There's no such thing as a free lunch" or other variants) is a popular adage communicating the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing. The acronyms TANSTAAFL and TINSTAAFL are also used.

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