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More Successes with Stem Tech

Around 13 years ago, my family were told by the doctors "that i had not been expected to live". I had been in hospital for 9 days before a doctor was able to guess correctly and say that I had Steven Johnson's Syndrome. By that time i had lost my eye sight, lost my hearing, lost my hair, lost my fingernails and toe nails. I was unable to have clothing or blankets on me because the weight , was to heavy for my body, my skin and flesh would SLOSH OFF. From all of that I have been left with glaucoma, blepharitis, neuropathy, diabetes, damage to my heart, lungs and kidneys.

Until I was introduced to Stem Cell Nutrition. I have suffered enormously with agonizing pain in my eyes, gums, hands and feet.

BUT now after 2 and a half months using Stem Cells Nutrition I no longer take Diabetes medication, AND I don't need a stent to be put in my heart, my hands have very little pain and I can work with them.

I had cancer removed from the left ear lobe internal ear canal 5 years ago. Then it was found after two operations were successful that I had cancer of the larynx four years ago. I had radiotherapy and was told it had cleared. Two years on my voice went croaky, and speech was hard, cancer check showed that the voice box was eaten away by cancer. Four or five years ago I had to have my voice box totally removed (larangectomy) at the Whangarei Hospital. When all this happened I took 9 months to get well enough to go back to work. I lost a lot of weight, found it hard to eat normal meals, swallowing was hard, most food had to be pureed fine which I did not like. I was stomach sick most days and my bowel motion had a lot of gas release backside, also a lot of mouth burping. Very uncomfortable most days but I managed to work full time on my job, machine operator same company 30 years McBreen Jenkins name changed to Transfield Services. I also have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, sore joints, nearly had to wear diapers as I was moving towards being incontinent.

I started on Stem Cell Nutrition (StemTech) SE2 November 12 2012. Only taking 2 tablets a day that week. After an injury at work, a mower picked up a copper wire which embedded in my right eyeball, I had an operation to remove the wire on November 8 2012.

November 9 I was sent to Greenlane for treatment antibiotics first week then SE 2 start from then on till today. Now I have Stemflo and SE2 x2 daily, everything is stable now.

I feel really good, eat well, gaining weight, no tummy disorder, type 2 diabetes stable blood sugar 4.1, 6.5, no joint pains, heaps of energy, sleep well, out all day enjoying my outdoor activities including fishing and travel. I am very hard to be caught at home. Out enjoying life, my eye injury is also healing ok but may have lens operation after 22.1.2013. Life is really for living and that is what I am doing.

StemTech is something my family are wanting to get onto. They have seen me improve in not even two months. I really like my StemTech, its given me health improvement I never thought I would see. It is so easy you take control of your own life.

I am 72 years old and have lived with high blood pressure for 54 years and have suffered with arthritis in my thumb and hands for about 5 years and it was getting more painful than I could bear at times. Also, my kidneys were in a bad state and I had a lot of pain from this and it was looking like I was moving towards being on a dialysis machine. I started in June taking SE2 x 2 tablets in the morning, then 2 tablets in the afternoon and 3 tablets 1 x a day of Stemflo for 3 months. After the first night I woke up and found that both thumbs were pain free, also, when I went to the toilet I noticed a big change relating to my kidney function and that the pain was beginning to go away. Over the 3 month period I didn't notice any other changes and thought that the products weren't working for me. I went for a full blood test and when I went for the results the doctor said to me "what have you been doing?" I told her that I was taking Stem Cell Nutrition and she told me to keep going with it as my results were: blood pressure normal, high cholesterol normal, borderline diabetes normal, kidneys normal. I have increased energy and overall I feel great. It may seem for some like it's doing nothing, but what it's doing is helping your body heal your body.

I was introduced to the stem cell nutrition through a relative. From that point I read up on Parkinson's and how stem cell medication could help my condition. I started taking SE2 for a month, till I ran out then I rang to find out where to get another lot hence the arrival of Ian and Kelly Adams. I signed up straight away as I wanted my own business. They also gave me a SE2 and Stemflo to help with the circulation and for my blood, as I had run out and they wanted me to continue with the product without a break. I was taking it twice a day.

When the Team Builder Pack arrived I realized I could walk without my Stroller. I couldn't believe it. The pack included (SE2 x2 + Stemflo + ST5 + Dermastem).

Then I decided to go and see my G.P and I mentioned the Stem Cell Nutrition, but nothing much was said about it, so halfway through December I saw my neurologist and she was amazed. I spent just under an hour with her and she said I was very lucky. She had heard of Stem Cell Nutrition and said what works for me may not necessarily work for others. But hey! I'm smiling it's been nearly 5 months since I began taking the stem cell nutrition. I have added the ST5 and using it as a meal replacement as well, I know I have a long way to go.

I now drive and don't need my husband assisted or driving for me anymore, my tremors are going away and the doctors have taken me off my meds. I have to thank my relation for introducing me to StemTech and the Stem Cell Nutrition products.

I started using SE2 and after 2 months decided it wasn't working for me, however I soon found that my arthritis was more noticeable than ever and my energy level was on empty. I decided to resume my SE2 and now my arthritis has gone and my energy level is on full.

Approximately 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. The doctor called me 'a dead man walking'. My blood sugar account was 30, a normal blood sugar account is between 5 and 7. I experienced over the last 7 years a loss of condition in my body. My eyesight started to become weak and I felt a lot of pain all through my body, especially in my joints and my feet.

I couldn't sleep without wearing socks to protect my feet. My feet were cold and even a small touch of the blanket caused severe pain. Because of the many nerves running through the feet the pain affected my whole body.

After 3 days of taking Stem Cell Nutrition I noticed that my feet were not hurting as much and I felt more energy in my body. After 2 weeks of taking the product I noticed a definite change and wellness in my body. My feet are warm and not hurting anymore. A lot of people are telling me how well I look. I'm happy that I don't have this severe pain anymore. The diabetes symptoms are gone. I notice my eyesight is improving. I'm looking forward to getting completely well.

I have been taking ST-5 with Migrastem for a five months now, I have gained more energy throughout the day and I'm not sleepy during the day all because of the product. The ST5 shake is really nice and fills me up, I take the ST-5 for breakfast, and it fills me till dinner time.

I am 75 years old and had a fall in May this year which changed my life hugely. I started taking StemTech in July as I had severe pain in my left leg and lower spine, I was advised my left hip was in very bad condition causing much of the discomfort. Although there was no actual pain in the hip area and even the spine was not in much local pain, I was greatly affected in the leg area and my ability to walk was immensely restricted. I had to use a stick at all times and even then was very limited in the distance I could walk.

I took 4 SE2 tablets daily for the 1st few weeks and 3 Stemflo and then reduced these to 3 SE2 and 2 Stemflo per day. In November I noticed I was not having the severe pain that had previously been there, and started reducing the medication I was taking, from strict 4 hourly during the day, to 3 lots throughout the 24 hrs.

MORE ENERGY SO I CAN WORK MORE Four years ago I was in the hospital with pneumonia, since then my energy has been very low and it was a struggle to carry out a week of work. Prior to being in hospital I was already living with a compromised immune system causing many frustrating aliments and food aliments.

Since starting on Stemflow and SE2 I feel like I have got my life back. I immediately got an instant increase in my energy and then a steady increase over the past 5 months.

Another benefit has been a major reduction in RSI pain in my right shoulder when I use the mouse with my computer.

I am very grateful for the major health improvement I have received from the StemTech Products.

I'M SO GRATEFUL!!! I thank the Lord I was introduced to Stem Cell Nutrition. For 10 years I have had severe back pain, lumbar disc prolapse with radiculopathy. And Severe Headaches, Sciatica down my left leg, High Cholesterol and also anaemia which leaves me with NO ENERGY Headaches all day (grumpy). Insomnia, tired and the side effects of the pain killer medication leaving me DOWN feeling useless. It was just so depressing.

Within 1 week of taking Stem Cell Nutrition my pain levels were subsiding, my flexibility and clarity of thinking was returning, my frustration levels had gone down. NO MORE HEADACHES. After 3 weeks NO MORE PAIN, NO HEADACHES, NO GRUMPY, NO SCIATICA and a GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP AND NO MORE PAIN KILLER MEDICATION.

I'm 15yrs old and suffer from Spinal Stenosis and a condition call Brachyolmia. I have a limited range of movement and in pain everyday. I am unable to bend over and touch my toes, and require help with things like putting on my shoes, picking up things off the floor.

I began taking SE2 in December 2012 and have noticed that not only do I have more energy, but I now have very little pain. I'm starting to run in short little bursts which I never could so as this would cause extreme pain in my feet, also I don't get short of breath as much. I also had very dry skin which has resulted in a pimply effect, this has improved about 50% which I'm really pleased about.

I have suffered with a lack of energy due to a heart attack I had 4 yrs ago. I would come home from working 8 to 5:30pm and would lay on the bed and sleep till the next day if my wife didn't wake me for dinner.

I started taking SE2 and Stemflo in July 2012, since then I have had a significant increase in my energy levels. I don't need the nanny naps anymore.

In April 2012 I had a sport injury to my ankle, I suffered a lot of pain and it also limited my sport activity, I started using SE2 and ST5 in July 2012.

My energy level increase straight away and three months on the Stem cell Nutrition I have no more pain and able to continue with my sports. I'm working the Stem cell Nutrition as a business and the company are excellent and very friendly. I have a goal of replacing my day job (Baker) income. This I see as possible and seeing peoples health and life improve is the best of all.

I swear by these products which I have been taking for 5 weeks now.

Before I started on these products I was experiencing shooting pains from my calf's to my knees. Straight away after 2 days the pain had gone. I also have 'incredible energy levels. I'm just so energized! (59yrs old)

Headaches and migraines were almost a daily for me. I had to take 3 to 4 500mg of Nurofen or Ibuprofen every 5 or 6 hrs to cope with it. I would wake up in the morning and my arms would be numb; my husband would have to massage my arms for me. If I was playing the piano i would get pins and needles in my fingers and sitting for too long my legs would go numb. Two days prior to my menstrual cycle I would get severe back ache, almost debilitating and also severe menstrual cramps. I also suffered with hay fever, itchy throat, eyes, runny nose and excessively sneezing.

I started on SE2 and Stemflo in August 2012 and within two weeks the migraines, pins and needles had disappeared along with a lump that was starting to show on the back of my head. All the above symptoms have gone and I've also lost 7kgs. Now when my friends see me, they say that my skin looks so good and my eyes are looking brighter.

I have a bad foot that has a sore right along the side of my left foot. It was all cracked. I have been trying all sorts of medication, but it just didn't heal. Since I have been taking Stem flo and SE 2, my foot is almost healed. I have been on the products for just over 1 month now. I used to get up to the toilet many times during the night, that's stopped now. I get a excellent sleep. I used to have a broken sleep. Also my eyes have improved, and I have incredible energy levels. This product really works for me. I can now lift my arms up above my shoulders, which I have not been able to do for such a long time. This product is awesome. (71yrs old)

More detailed information including the ingredients and results of tests is available at Stem Cell Information

SE2 is completely organic, natural and comes in capsule form. Read my and other success stories about how we have benefited from SE2.

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How to do the business world wide!

Everybody can be a customer, but not everybody wants to have a business income. However, for those that do, read on...

As the products are available in 23 countries, you can refer all your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues in those countries (they WILL thank you!) As advised by my mentor, I do the following, and heartily recommend you do the same:

Use the products
Get a health testimonial
Read other peoples testimonials
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Refer everyone to your website (which comes with the FastStart Pack)

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*Definiton: TANSTAAFL = "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" (alternatively, "There's no such thing as a free lunch" or other variants) is a popular adage communicating the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing. The acronyms TANSTAAFL and TINSTAAFL are also used.

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