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More Stem Cell Success Stories

Stem Cell Success Stories

Before I started taking these products, I'd had the flu and spent 4 days in bed. I finally came right about a month later; I got the flu again and was in bed for another 4 days. I then went to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth pulled, I was in bed for another 2 days with lots of pain. I was sick and tired of been unwell, so I rang my cousin Tom who is a distributor of the products, and got some SE2 and Stemflo off him.

I also had 2 heel spurs on my left heel which gave me a lot of pain. My left wrist felt numb often. It would get pins and needles all of the time. I also had pain in my right elbow, my right shoulder and my lower back. They all used to ache and throb 5 minutes after I had gone to bed. I hated going to bed, I would take Panadol every time I needed a good night's sleep. I noticed after about 3 weeks of taking Stemflo and SE2, that all of my aches and pains had disappeared. It is awesome to go to bed now. What a miracle!

But the biggest health benefit I have experienced since taking the product is to do with my lungs. I have asthma and have needed to take 2 puffers twice a day in the past. After 3 weeks on this product, my lungs had never felt so clear. I can now breath deeply, in and out, with no wheeze. I have only taken the puffers 3 times since being on this product. My energy levels are incredible and sustainably all day and every day. My mind is a lot more balanced, I feel more mellowed.

I highly recommend this product to every one who wants to have better health. Even if you have no health issues, I highly recommend the product to enable you to have optimal health. Just because we are aging, does not mean that we need to have a lesser quality of life.

Go on, take the plunge. Take you health in your hands and you will be wonderfully surprised. Just do it!

My name is xxxxxx I am 61 years old.

In October 2012 I was bitten by a white tailed spider 3 times on the same leg.

The doctors advised me that I could lose my leg (amputation). I was also advised that it would take up to 8 months for my leg to come right. My huge, puffy, swollen, red leg, that looked like it would of gone purple, if I was not introduced to Stem Cell Nutrition.

I was introduced to Stem Cell Nutrition in November 2012. Within 3 days of taking the Stem Cell Nutrition, my leg has gone down (reduced in size), and the color was coming back to normal.

I have also noticed that I have more energy... I am not using my asthma pumps as often as I use too. Other people have told me "that I'm looking good". I tell them "they too can look good."

We have 4 cats. Three of them have always got on well together, but the 4th one Lyla, the oldest female would not tolerate being in close proximity to the others and was just not playful or looked like she enjoyed her life. They always have eaten a healthy raw diet and have been in excellent health. We decided to try the cats on SE2 (1/4 capsule - once a week). Within 6 - 8 weeks there was a major change in Lyla's personality. She became far more tolerant of the other cats, to the point where she can sit on the couch with the others next to her. She also is more affectionate with us and has become very settled and playful. There were no other changes to their diet or surrounding of the cats.

I found out about Stem cell Nutrition after looking into different weight loss options for myself and my family. What I got was a WHOLE lot more.

I caught up with a long time family friend Kelly who had lost over 50kgs on Stem cell Nutrition. I said I have to get me some! I was on it for 3wks when I suddenly realised I wasn't getting anymore pain in my leg, and my energy levels had increased tremendously. I had been seeing a podiatrist because I had a foot roll that caused my leg muscles to be very painful most nights when I lied down, if I did not wear the inserts for my shoes that I was given.

I would lie awake for hours at night because of the pain, often taking loads of painkillers. After the inserts got wet one day I forgot to put them back on, and 2wks later realised I didn't need them anymore. I then realised I hadn't had any more tingling in my hands, arms and legs, from the poor circulation, nor the hot & cold pains in my legs that used to wake me at night also as they were so painful. Also my psoriasis had cleared up.

Last month I gave my bottle of SE2 to a friend for Christmas as she had been having some ailments, so went without for a month. Within 2wks I had all my symptoms back as well as a major decrease in energy. I got given another bottle at the beginning of the fourth week of going without & by the next day the weeping sores in my head from my psoriasis had dried up and are clearing. I have not had any leg pain or circulation problems yet. I have also seen first hand the major improvements in family members of ailments such as arthritis and diabetes.

This nutrition is TRULY a life changing gift from God!

At the end of January 2013. I will have suffered with Diabetes for 20 years.

I have suffered from High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Gout, Anaemia, Liver Spots, Stress, Both Knees were like arthritic, Glaucoma, Hair Loss? Menopause?, Heavy Monthly Menstruation, skin complications, headaches and ear infections. I was prescribed Accupril, Metformin, Artorvastatin, Transemic acid, Naprosan, Ferrogradumate, Panadol, painkillers, Elocon, and Travatan eye drops.

After seeing my husband's success within 2 days of taking Stem Cell Nutrition I decided to take the product myself. Within 2 days of taking the Nutritional Supplements i had a burst of energy that i could not believe. (I felt like a teenager) I sleep "like a baby". The gout that I had suffered from in my big toe on the right foot had subsided. Within 1 week my skin started looking like it glowed (not taunt and dark). The Black Circles under my eyes disappeared. Headaches have improved.

Within 4 weeks my blood pressure was back to normal. My knees pain is improving. My skins elasticity has greatly improved. The pores on my face have reduced substantially well. I am a lot Happier. I talk and Smile a lot more.

People want to know what our secret is. I grab there details, make a time and date that is suitable for me to contact them. Then commit myself to following up with them. Our Libido has sensually improved. Within 8 weeks mental clarity has greatly improved. I can jog and walk our dog.

NOW 14 weeks later everything has exceptionally reduced and I am glad to report that all my ailments have drastically improved from on a scale from 0 to 100. 100 being excellent. I would class myself to be an 80 being on my way to Greater Health and Wellness.

We love this nutrition and endorse what it has done to helped us and our VIP's.

I'm still amazed with what has happened to me in such a short time since I started the stem cell nutrition.

In May this year I was very sick with being over weight, Type2 Diabetes and high blood pressure and other health related issues. I had started taking Epsom salt baths in mid April and over a period of 1 month I lost 20kg and I thought I might have cancer or something else because I've never lost large amounts of weight - never lost that much with Jenny Craig/Sure Slim etc ... I also had 14 abscesses on my body; my body was feeling like it was shutting down and I thought I was dying.

In mid June I started on SE2 and within 10 minutes I felt a warming sensation around my worse abscess and that the pain began to ease, I thought I was imaging it at first. That same night I noticed that the abscess had puss and when I wiped it, it just began to weep the toxins out and by the morning it had stopped and I could touch and put pressure on the area and there was no pain. Four days later without any infections to the open wound it had healed over. As a diabetic this is not normal as wounds take a long time to heal.

Four days later my customers were starting to comment on how well I was looking and that my eyes were bright and white. I was beginning to feel better each day.

I signed up as a distributor as I wanted to have my product at wholesale and wanted to share what was happening to me with family and friends and also my customers. Once I started on all products: Stemflo, SE2 and ST5 this is when the amazing story really begins. In 5 months my body had lost 55kg as well as type2 diabetes and high blood pressure are all normal. Amazing!!!

I have got my life back and I haven't felt like this for over 27yrs.With the weight loss (55kg April - September) I have found that I have no major saggy skin and I put it all down to the Stem Cell Nutrition.

I also use Dermastem for my skin and as a 50yr old I'm continually getting compliments on my skin and how firm and how great it looks. It is never too late to start and you will see the results for yourself, and so will your friends and family.

More detailed information including the ingredients and results of tests is available at Stem Cell Information

SE2 is completely organic, natural and comes in capsule form. Read my and other success stories about how we have benefited from SE2.

Order Stem Cell Nutrition HERE!

How to do the business world wide!

Everybody can be a customer, but not everybody wants to have a business income. However, for those that do, read on...

As the products are available in 23 countries, you can refer all your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues in those countries (they WILL thank you!) As advised by my mentor, I do the following, and heartily recommend you do the same:

Use the products
Get a health testimonial
Read other peoples testimonials
Share the testimonials with everyone you meet
Refer everyone to your website (which comes with the FastStart Pack)

Stem cell nutrition is what we promote and sell, and millions are discovering stem cell nutrition to be majorly beneficial to their health! (Try it to see what it does for YOU!) For those wanting to get involved in the business, order your FastStart or Director Pack here or if you need more convincing, email me, or talk to me via phone or Skype (skype handle: authorservices)! I have 100's of health and income success stories to share with you. Be warned, I'm passionate about this product and its automatic and continuous wealth increase reality (due to the fact that 90% of customers re-order the products monthly). Be aware TANSTAAFL* and that some work is required.

Order Stem Cell Nutrition HERE!

*Definiton: TANSTAAFL = "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" (alternatively, "There's no such thing as a free lunch" or other variants) is a popular adage communicating the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing. The acronyms TANSTAAFL and TINSTAAFL are also used.

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