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Here we have some useful and informative links

Here we have some useful and informative links

Diamond and Gem Sites

Price of Diamonds
Comprehensive up to date news and information about diamonds

Other Gem Sites
All About Amethysts
All About Emeralds
All About Garnets
All About Jade
All About Opals
All About Pearls
All About Peridot
All About Rubies
All About Sapphires
All About Topaz

Links to Gold Sites

Gold Price
The ultimate Gold Site with up to date gold price information commentary and news

Live Gold Price
Live gold price updated every minute

All About Gold
An encyclopedia of gold from A to Z. Everything you need to know
about gold in one easy to read and understand book!

Gold Money
Where you can buy and store gold

Other Precious Metal Sites

Various Metals
Rare Earth Elements
All about Rare Earth Elements

Strategic Critical Minerals
All about Strategic Critical Minerals


Other Metals

Other sites of interest
Petrol and Gas Report
E Forex
Debt Consolidation Reviews
Website Hosting Reviews
MP3 Players and iPod Reviews
Technical Author Services
Open a Fastmail email Account
Translation Page
Wayback Machine
World Clock

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