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How to Get a Job when in your Sixties

By Sebastian Tombs

How does one get a job when one is over 55 or worst over 65? Some people think it is impossible or extremely rare. In fact it is quite easy when you know what to do.

I had my own business for some years but with the economic downturn found it necessary to go back into the work force while in my late 60s. With so many people out of work and the queues for jobs getting longer this might have seemed an impossible task. However, I was able to find a job in the work force despite being 68 and not having a work history for the 6 years prior simply by following one of the basic principles of life.

In fact I found AND got TWO jobs!

How did I do it?

It is very simple really and anyone can do this. It is based upon a very simple principle that has been found to work effectively in many areas of business, most notably in the marketing arena, but people do not think to apply it in their own daily lives.

There is a little secret to it that people do not follow sometimes when told about it but it is a secret that will almost guarantee you a job if followed exactly. This applies to any walk of life whether a company director or a factory worker. The basic principles are the same.

Before we get into the actual secret there are three important actions to do first.

1. Set up a goal of what you want and continue to keep your eye focused on that goal. The goal needs to be fairly specific. 'I want a job' is not specific enough. It you know what you can do and what you would like to do that can help you to be as specific as possible.

2. Write up, or get written up for you, a Resume that reflects you abilities, skills and experience. If writing is not your forte then get a professional resume writer to sit with you and write up a basic resume and introductory letter template you can use in your job applications. The resume would be set and simply submitted to all job applications but the template would be tailored to each job.

3. Be prepared to work at it. There is some work involved. It is not just a case of sending off one application and sitting back and expecting the job to fall in one's lap. There is more to it and this is where the secret comes into play.

The secret is contained in one word.


It is based upon a very simple principle that one finds throughout the world and in fact the universe. The universe is built on a principle of plenty.

Everywhere you look there are, or is lots of everything. The universe, to start with is enormous with billions of stars in every galaxy, such as the one we reside in for example. And there are billions of galaxies throughout the universe as has been discovered by astronomers over recent years. Moving down the scale we see that in life the production of seeds is always more than is needed to ensure life continues or survives. We can check in all areas of life and see this basic principle at work. Every life form always creates vastly more than is ever required to ensure its continued survival as a species.

But how do we apply this? How did I get two jobs within months of each other at aged 68 with little or no experience and a history of working for myself in a different area entirely?

Firstly my goal was to get a job that I knew I could do. Something that I, with my experience and abilities, was able to do. Only I knew that of course, but that was all that mattered when it came to setting the goal. My next step was to draw up a jolly good resume. The resume listed my work track, abilities, any training and qualifications I had and detailed specific duties. I have never been to university and have no degrees. Most of my knowledge is either self taught or comes from experience. So this was not a particularly impressive resume.

Next was the template letter. This was a basic letter that put into one page my interest in the position being offered, my experience that related to that position and that I was able to fill that position by quoting the actual position and duties. For example. If the position being advertised said 'sitting at a desk twiddling ones thumbs while singing along to a Tom Jones song' I would add in the letter, 'I can sit at a desk and twiddle my thumbs while singing along to a Tom Jones song.' In other words feed back the position that is being advertised as something I can do virtually work for word.

Having done that I then proceeded to apply the principles above and apply for as many positions as possible regardless of what they were. And regardless of how many. The secret here is volume.

I simply applied for positions non stop. Day after day after day. 10, sometimes 20 a day, seven days a week. Most I never got a response back. But I never expected to. Sometimes I got a phone call and more rarely, an interview. But I continued regardless. I applied, over a period of 3 to 4 months for about 300 to 400 jobs. Ridiculous, you might say. But yes, that is volume. I would have continued on to a 1000 if necessary. The secret is VOLUME applications.

Then, one day I got an interview. I was told I would hear from the company in due course. I continued applying for positions non stop. Suddenly I was called in for another interview with the same employer and then after a week or so had passed, was told I had got the job. This was in front of many other applicants much younger than I. I am willing to bet they did not apply for 300 jobs; most people apply for a maximum of 30 or 40 and give up. When applying for a job, there is only one time to stop, and that is when you have got the job.

But I did not stop there. After a month or so I realised I did not like that position. The hours, the work practices and the money was most unappealing. I did not like that job at all. So I promptly did the same thing again. Applied for more jobs on the same basis. This time I got a position within a month to 6 weeks with better hours, more money and much more interesting work. I won that in front of others much younger than myself. I went through three interviews and a battery of tests and afterwards, I was told I was the best candidate they had, despite never having done that type of work before and having no experience.

So it can be done. Age is no barrier. Inexperience is no barrier, Race, color, political, religious or sexual orientation is no barrier. The only barrier is oneself and ones willingness to do what it takes. And what it takes is volume applications.

The universe is built on a basis that there needs to be plenty of everything in order to ensure the survival of some. One can USE that principle to one's advantage. This applies not just in getting a job but in other aspects of one's life.

One usually wishes someone 'happy job hunting.' I don't! I wish you, 'Happy Job Getting!'

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