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USA Doctor Recommends Stem Cell Nutrition

Cliff Minter D.P.M. (retired) graduated from Illinois College of podiatric Medicine. He completed his surgical residency at the Hugar Surgery Center in the Hines Veteran Administration Hospital in Illinois before going into private practice in Ventura, CA. Dr Minter is a national and international speaker on the subject of business and nutritional products.

Stem cells are the most powerful cells in the body. We know that stem cells, once they're circulating in the bloodstream, will travel to any area of the body that has been compromised or damaged and turn into healthy cells. There have been controversial discussions about the new stem cells found in embryos, but the truth is that everyone has adult stem cells in their own bodies. We are all created from stem cells. As a child or a young adult, your body automatically releases stem cells whenever you injure yourself.

That's why you heal so fast when you are younger. After about age 35, we don't heal as fast anymore, because the stem cells aren't released the same way as when we were younger. Stem cell nutrition helps all of us heal our bodies. If you look at the New England Journal of Medicine, you'll find that the number one indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating in the body. Stem cell nutrition is the organic and all-natural way to stimulate the bone marrow to release adult stem cells into the blood stream. By taking stem cell nutrition, you can maintain optimum health and aid your body in healing itself.

It's certainly a better way to recuperate from any illness than using prescription drugs, because even when a medication works, it can often be hard on your liver and the rest of your body. Stem cell nutrition has no negative side effects. This makes it a powerful approach to healing and good health in general. I found out about stem cell nutrition after someone asked for my opinion on it. I did some research and found it to be one of the greatest ways to slow down aging, we have.

Aging is nothing more than the breaking down of cells. Stem cell nutrition combats that action. As cells break down, stem cells nutrition replaces them with healthy cells. This is the greatest, most natural anti-aging method I know. I was sceptical at first, but the results I've personally seen in people I've talked with have been wide-ranged. Lots of people have reported an increase in energy and better sleeping patterns.

I've seen people with arthritis in various parts of their bodies, reverse the disease and people with Asthma end up with their lungs totally clear. One person that was on oxygen almost 24/7 is now totally off oxygen. Two ladies who suffered badly from PMS told me they were 100 percent symptom-free within weeks of starting the stem cell nutrition. Two people I know had "tennis elbow" which usually takes about six to nine months to heal. Within weeks of taking stem cell nutrition, both report their "tennis elbow" is gone. It makes sense, because stem cells go to what-ever area is compromised and turns it into healthy cells.

I use stem cell nutrition as a preventative. I've noticed an increase in my energy level and an improved sleeping pattern. Stem cell nutrition has zero negative side effects, is very powerful and we know how it works. It's good for children as well as adults. This is the best, most natural way I know to optimum health. If you want to use it for prevention, this is the best thing I know for staying healthy. And if you do have health challenges, it's the best way I know of overcoming those and regaining optimum health. I recommend it to every body.

More detailed information including the ingredients and results of tests is available at Stem Cell Information

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