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Building a Following on Facebook

Facebook is a doorway to the world and an opportunity to build a massive following for your Business. It is a marketing tool that can produce some amazing results if used smartly enough. As well as putting you out there in the world it provides a way for your clients to interact with you and for you to be a part of their lives.

Let us say, for example that you have a hotel and want to use Facebook to improve your client base.

This can be achieved with the following:


You want your hotel presented in the best possible light. This means finding and posting on Facebook the highest quality best image that shows off your hotel in all its glory. It means creatively making your Facebook Page appealing and somewhere people like to go to for regular updates, new images of your hotel and surrounding beauty spots, holiday attractions and fun activities.

For example, if your hotel is near the beach then you might post about regular fun beach activities your hotel and other venues provide. Give some up and coming events in the area so people can think, "I would like to do that."

Don't limit your posts to information about the hotel. Find some surrounding interests and activities that attract people to the area. It also shows you're not just looking to get people to stay in your hotel but care about them and want them to have a fantastic time during their stay.

You want people to interact with your page on Facebook. To post about how they loved their stay in your hotel. What they did and how wonderful it was. Sometimes it can be as simple as just asking them. Also little surveys or polls encourage people to participate. Keep them positive of course. Out of a choice of three positive things to say, which would they choose?

Of course you would invite people to 'like' your Facebook page. This would be on all your brochures, websites, advertising and marketing. Encourage Reception to ask guests when they have finished they stay to visit and like the page also.

Encourage past guests to post memorable times they had at the hotel. The places they visited while they were there, how they were treated by the staff and management.

If you have a marketing director or team, get with them to explore other ways to encourage guest interaction.

You want your guests to return time after time and new potential guests to see your page and decide, "Gee I'd like to go there!"

Perhaps you might want to consider offering an incentive, such as a 5 percent discount if you apply for a booking through the Facebook page for example.

Working out ways to encourage guests to stay in your hotel is a real fun and exciting part of the job and there is great satisfaction in seeing your guests arrive at Reception with bright eyes and excitement in their faces ready for a new adventure.

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