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Protection from Phone Radiation

Did you know that every mobile or cell phone emits radiation? The dangers of such radiation have been debated for years, ever since mobile phones were introduced and it is only recently that long term studies have indicated there can be cellular damage or even cancer caused by the radiation from cell phones.

In fact a Swedish study found a definite link between electro-magnetic radiation and the risk of malignant brain tumors. This study included wireless cell and cordless phones.

All cell phones, such as iPhones, android and even iPads and iPods, give out radiation that is absorbed into human body cells, especially when held close to the body. The study showed that when a person uses a cell phone for longer than a year the risk of brain cancer increased by 70 percent compared to those that used cell phone for less than a year. It seems to be a long term accumulation of radiation that is the worry. In fact those people who have used a cell phone for 25 years had a 300% greater risk. In other words, the longer one uses a cell phone the greater the risk becomes.

The number of hours spent using the phone each day was important also. Heavy users have a greater risk of course than light users. Up to 250% greater in some cases. Importantly the greatest risk of all was with those who held their phones up against the side of their face, or ear to be exact.

Wireless Safety Standards Inadequate
As a result of this study, the conclusion of the 13-nation study and the study out of Tel Aviv University, experts are calling for more safety standards to be reviewed. International Doctor's groups including The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The International Society of Doctors for the Environment and the Irish Doctors Environmental Association are all calling for revised standards and the World Health Organization recently re-classified EMF's as Group 2B possible carcinogenic.

The Solution?
There is a solution to this. The EMF Protect is designed to reduce this radiation and is the only device that protects against all three (3) cell phone risks:

Dirty Electricity EMF Radiation - Up to 98%
RF Radiation - Up to 60%
Positive Ion Poisoning

How does the EMF Protect work against DIRTY ELECTRICITY?
Dirty electricity is any current of electricity that is converted and used to power a device. For the purposes of a cell phone it is the current created by the battery inside of the phone. Additionally, if you use the phone while plugged in, the current is 1,000 times stronger.

The Secret to the Fusion IONZ EMF Protect is the pryoelectricity property of black tourmaline. In 1880, Pierre Curie, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, discovered that black tourmaline carried a weak but constant electric charge. Coincidently, this charge is the same charge that creates the negative ion flow. Our black tourmaline boosting minerals, present in TourmaMix, boost the charge to high enough levels to attract the dirty electricity being emitted from the cell phone. The dirty electricity is effectively attracted and absorbed by the EMF Protect.

This is a cheap and effective way to protect you from EMF Radiation. One simply puts the EMF Protect up against the back of the phone and it will eliminate over 95 percent of the EMF Radiation from your phone making it much safer and giving you greater peace of mind when using your cell phone.

Check out EMF Protection now and get your EMF Protector today!

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